What We Do

Echelon Syracuse seeks to mobilize the next generation for The Salvation Army by providing opportunities for young adults to engage with the organization through networking, fundraising, and volunteering.

In 2016 over 38,500 people were helped by The Salvation Army in the Syracuse area: 

25,360 people received Emergency and Financial Assistance Services
24, 866 days of care were provided to run away and homeless youth
29, 752 meals were served to senior in our senior services programs


As young professionals, not everyone has the capacity to make large donations to The Salvation Army.  What young professionals part of Echelon CAN do is share their skills, passion, and talent to make a difference.  Young professionals are motivated to serve a cause they are passionate about ? Echelon Syracuse is passionate about the work of The Salvation Army in our community.

The Salvation Army Echelon Syracuse Chapter recognizes that young and emerging professionals want to give back to their community. Throughout the year, service and volunteer opportunities are offered to Echelon members who are interested in making a difference for people in need. 

Young and emerging professionals will have many opportunities to meet like-minded people, make new connections and friends, and serve alongside one another for a common cause; the lifting of their fellow man.

Members and participants of Echelon Syracuse will use their expertise and sphere of influence at times throughout the year to support specific programs of The Salvation Army. For example, our Tickets for Teens initiative raises money to provide low-income families with movie tickets for teens that are given out at our Christmas Distribution in December.